The National TOD Database is a project of the Center for Transit-Oriented Development. Intended as a tool for planners, developers, government officials, and academics, the Database provides economic and demographic information for every existing and proposed fixed guideway transit station in the U.S.

  • The Database includes 4,417 existing stations and 1,583 proposed stations in 54 metropolitan areas, as of December 2011
  • Data are available at three geographic levels; the transit zone (the 1/2 mile or 1/4 mile buffer around the individual station), the transit shed (the aggregate of transit zones), and lastly, the transit region (aligns with the Metropolitan Statistical Area boundary)
  • Nearly 70,000 variables are derived from nationally available data sets including the 2000 and 2010 Decennial Census, the 2009 American Community Survey, the 2000 Census Transportation Planning Package, and the 2002 - 2009 Local Employment Dynamics

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The Center for Transit Oriented Development is a collaboration of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, Reconnecting America and Strategic Economics. The original version of the TOD database was funded by HUD in 2004; it is currently funded by the Federal Transit Administration.