Chapter 4

Stations and Geographies

Station Areas

The TOD Database currently has 4,416 existing stations in 40 metropolitan regions and 1,583 planned and potential stations in 44 regions, 14 of which have no existing stations. These numbers are current as of October 2011.

The existing station list and geographic locations were originally derived from the Federal Transit Administration’s National Transit Database, and updated where appropriate. Fixed-route transit systems included are heavy rail, light rail, commuter rail, streetcars, bus rapid transit (with dedicated right of way) and cable cars. The database also includes some Amtrak stations that serve commuters.

Transit stations are broken down into selected categories.

Existing Stations

CTOD tracks both attribute and locations changes over time and records. Stations and systems that have closed due to low ridership are maintained in a separate database file for potential analysis.

Multi-modal transport is also included in the database as these stations play a vital role in commuter transport systems. Examples of these stations include the Aerial tram in Portland, OR and commuter ferries in Seattle and San Francisco.

Planned Stations

With each update to the database, New Starts projects that have been built and are in operation are moved to the existing station file and New Starts projects that have progressed to a new phase in the funding timeline are tracked.


Station Geography

Data is aggregated to three different geographies: